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Are you a start-up organization, sports club, digital/media, creative, or cultural organisation passionate about creating positive change in your community? Gen22 invites you to be part of an exciting program that empowers young people and fosters social action within the West Midlands.

Gen22 is dedicated to empowering young people aged 16-24 and creating meaningful opportunities for personal growth. Our free-to-access initiative aims to provide placement opportunities for young individuals who typically face access barriers to traditional career and skills development.

As we open our application window for Grassroots Delivery Partners, we are excited to collaborate with organisations that share our vision of driving social impact and creating a brighter future for our youth.

Why Become a Grassroots Partner?

  1. Empower Young People: At Gen22, we are driven by young voices, ensuring that their needs and aspirations are at the core of our programs. As a Grassroots Partner, you’ll have the opportunity to make a direct and lasting impact on the lives of young people in your community.
  2. Community Impact: Becoming a Grassroots Partner means fostering a sense of belonging and empowerment in your community. By providing placement opportunities and support, you can help young individuals build confidence, skills, and a positive outlook on their future.
  3. Promote Diversity and Inclusion: Gen22 is committed to addressing the imbalance of female representation in the sport and physical activity sector and creating access to opportunities for under-represented ethnic minority groups and young people with disabilities within the cultural and digital sectors. As a Grassroots Partner, you can be a driving force for positive change in these areas.
  4. Capacity Building: Gen22 is dedicated to working closely with our Grassroot Delivery Partners. We want to help upskill your team, enhance your services and provision to better meet the needs of participants and staff members with additional requirements.

How to Apply?

If your organization is committed to social action and eager to engage with young people, creating inspirational moments that can be leveraged for future employment and career prospects, we want to hear from you!

To apply as a Grassroots Delivery Partner, please fill out the form on our website and submit it by Friday 25th August. If you need more information or have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at

Flagship Partners: Empowering Young People Through Collaboration

We are thrilled to be in conversations with potential Flagship Partners for Gen22. If you are a well-established organization with significant scale and reach to young people aged 16-24 across the 7 Local Authorities, and are committed to capacity building, supporting, guiding, and collaborating with our Gen22 Grassroots providers, we’d love to hear from you!

Flagship Partners play a crucial support role to our grassroots providers, acting as leaders in empowering young people through meaningful, impactful, and social-value related placement opportunities.

The process is underway, and we’re creating a shortlist of applications for flagships. Contact for an informal conversation, where we can go through the criteria and explore how we can collaborate in empowering young people together.

Gen22’s presents a unique opportunity for organisations to make a positive impact in their communities and empower young people aged 16-24. By becoming a Grassroots Partner, you’ll be part of an exciting initiative dedicated to creating meaningful opportunities for personal growth and addressing important social issues.

Don’t miss this chance to be a catalyst for change and build a brighter future for the youth in the West Midlands. Submit your application before the deadline on 25th August 2023 and embark on a journey of empowerment and transformation with Gen22.

Apply to be Grassroots Provider today!

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