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Critical Mass

Bringing young people together to dance, and move more

“I think that its helped me to find my confidence, I feel really more confident. Its helped me to like, find the passion for dance, which I didn't have last year. When I'm with Critical Mass, they treated me with so much respect and its helped me to, like, discover that people with disabilities should be treated with respect, and like as humans, and we should be included in like projects, and we should be seen, and like be put in the forefront of inclusive dance.”

Critical Mass Participant

Critical Mass is a high-profile dance and movement project that engages hundreds of young people aged 16-30 with disabilities, and without, to come together to move more and perform as a united dance group.


Originally part of the Birmingham 2022 Festival, Critical Mass performed at the Festival opening weekend and at the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony at Alexander Stadium.

Keep moving

Now, Critical Mass has come back together and continue to dance and move more. They performed again as a mass cast at the Festival 23 in July 2023 to celebrate one year on from the Commonwealth Games. This project will continue to utilise the trust built with over 200 young people, generating learnings and insight about inclusion, access and disability for the region and wider sectors, whilst engaging young people in high quality culture and dance experiences.