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InUnity is a small youth development charity (with a big heart) based in south Birmingham. Using a range of activities across sport, creative arts, personal development programmes, and training they aim to reduce inequalities for Young Brummies.

Their niche is designing bespoke programmes with young people right at the heart; from developing them to delivering them. Their ethos is to develop from within; providing opportunities for young people to gain valuable work experience and giving back to their native community.

Over the last 3 years InUnity’s focus has slightly changed. They have been supporting children and young people living with their families in temporary accommodation in the Edgbaston constituency. Initially placed as part of the emergency response to the pandemic, over the last few years they are supporting families that are now experiencing being homeless for all number of reasons: DV, cost of living crisis, newly arrived / migrant help.

InUnity are proud to provide dedicated support onsite in the form of youth clubs, holiday activities and mentoring.  However, they also know that to create real and lasting change so much more needs to happen.  This is their challenge for the years ahead; advocating for these ‘forgotten’ children and young people, and of course their families.

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