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Sports Key is a not-for-profit Community Interest Company (CIC) based in Birmingham and is a member of our United By Family. Dedicated to enhancing the wellbeing, cohesion, and life opportunities of the community, Sports Key focuses on individuals from low socio-economic backgrounds. By harnessing the power of physical activity, Sports Key aims to improve the health, skills, and unity of the local community.

As a community solutions organization, Sports Key utilizes sports, physical activity, and culture to foster positive change. Their comprehensive year-round program offers a diverse range of activities, ensuring that the community has access to affordable and recreational opportunities. Through these initiatives, Sports Key empowers individuals to engage in regular wellbeing practices, contributing to their overall development.

Sports Key’s commitment to the community extends beyond mere physical activity. They prioritize the holistic health and connectivity of individuals, particularly those facing disadvantages. By utilizing sports and culture as vehicles for positive change, Sports Key endeavors to create a more vibrant and interconnected community, providing a platform for improved health and social inclusion.

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