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With the Coronation Concert 2023 at Windsor Castle being announced and excitement building, United by 2022 Legacy Charity had the pleasure of nominating people to be invited to attend the historic event. Those who were successful for the nomination process and got an official invite shared their experiences of the special day with us.

Sameed Asghar is a qualified Mountain and Expedition leader. During the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games he supported young people in applying for our Ideas Made Real grant funding programme, which formed part of Gen22. The project was successfully granted funding and he supported young people to deliver a project which uses freestyle football to bring a positive change in the lives of young people.

Sameed is also the founder of Summit Special, an organisation which aims to make the outdoors more accessible for BAME communities. He continues to run guided treks through the mountains allowing those who experience barriers to trekking to be exposed to new opportunities.

“Our morning started at 5am as we had our mountain climb. Although the day was a slight rush, the nice weather and the buzz we had ahead kept us going!

When we arrived at Windsor Castle the energy was what we expected and more, it was jam packed which meant we had to shimmy a little to get to the front. Everything was timed perfectly, and each performance was so great! I am a Liverpool fan so getting to witness and hear ‘Never Walk Alone’ was a highlight of mine. But the incredible drone performance they had was the best part of being there, having the honour to watch it live. Even to the lighting of all the performances and how the lights that were hitting Windsor Palace was incredible. Having the chance to see the Royal family and being so close to them was surreal, we were ‘in the Kings Garden’.

Growing up in Winson Green I never thought I would have the opportunity to attend a day like this. It was such a humbling feeling to be there and I just want to say thank you for nominating me for a day I will always remember.”

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