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With the Coronation Concert 2023 at Windsor Castle being announced and excitement filling those who can attend, United by 2022 Legacy Charity had the pleasure of nominating young people who deserved recognition to be invited to attend the historic event. Those who were successful for the nomination process and got an official invite shared their experiences of the special day with us.

Amrit Antionio Jhall runs a CIC called Hit the Dhol, who are a valued member of our United by Family. Hit the Dhol CIC focus on making drumming more accessible whilst encouraging more people to take up musical education and learn an instrument in the community. They do fantastic work in schools, youth centres, and care homes.

“Firstly I want to thank United by 2022 for the nomination. At first when I received the email, I thought it was a prank and never thought I would be selected for anything as I’m not used to receiving things, and in my general life and work I am more happy to give.

We confirmed the nomination was real and I was so happy, overwhelmed, and grateful. To have my work recognised means so much and it has touched me. To be one of 20,000 selected people from around the world to attend this prestigious event is an honour and something I will remember forever.

For me and my family, the morning started at 7am as we got ready to join the Birmingham Run Marathon which we support every year as we see them raise money for the Children’s Hospital.

We took 10 Dhol drummers to play Dhol on an open top bus at one of the marathon check points. We played for 3 hours and our drumming lifted and put smiles on the faces of the runners.

After we finished I came home, got changed and hit the road to Windsor. The weather was amazing, and we were even lucky with clear roads to Windsor.

When we got there I was so amazed at the setup. The grounds of the castle was beautiful, the food court area smelt amazing and the stage was breath-taking to see!

Everyone was so friendly and it was such a great vibe. We met so many people from nurses, charity workers, country ambassadors, to James Bond security staff and of course to be in the same location as the Royal family was surreal.

The concert was amazing. The acts were brilliant. The lighting show was stunning and to see the Royal family partying hard to Take That was something that put a smile on all faces. To know that they are just like you and me and to see where the music took them and seeing everyone in that park was together.

The drone lighting show for me was the highlight as to see in real life and it was above our heads was just wow!!!”

Amrit and his guest at the Coronation Concert
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